Guest Posts

I welcome guest posts from people working or interested in food culture, sustainability, and rights issues. Check out these general guidelines and contact me with any questions.  

Guest Post Guidelines


I recommend guest posts related to human uses of food along any of the following themes: harvesting, sustainability, justice, and health. However, I encourage author creativity so please feel free to share something you find interesting or that you think is important to share with readers. 

Readers of this blog come from different walks of the food world. I find it important to remember this when writing so that I do not assume readers have any basic food knowledge. I use simple, clear language and provide definitions or pictures for any possibly confusing terminology. 


I usually write posts in narrative format and describe my personal connection to a topic (i.e., something I experienced or researched). Most commonly, I choose written posts but only because I am not audio-visually savvy. When possible, I post photo-essays. 

For guest-authored posts, I encourage written, visual (e.g., photo essays, videos), or spoken contributions (e.g., podcasts). Another interesting way to contribute is to have me interview you on a topic we both decide on. Here are some examples of past guest contributions: 1) guest-authored post, 2) interview


My posts are generally around 1000 words. I recommend guest authors stick to this general guideline. 


Photographs greatly enhance a story. Feel free to include as many pictures as you feel are needed. Generally, I post 2-4 pictures per written post; this number could be higher for a photo-essay. 


Please send me a short biography of yourself to publish with your guest post. Please include your name, your profession and/or food interests, and any links to your personal website(s); don't forget to include a picture. 


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