Friday, 22 February 2013

Get creative in your backyard: North American wild food recipes

Making maple syrup in Vermont in 1974, courtesy of Jane Cooper, U.S. National Archives

Maple syrup amazes me; how can something so delicious just come right out of a tree? Wild Harvests shows us what you have to do to get the syrup from the tree to your plate

Need to ramp up your breakfast? Enjoy the garlic flavour of Wild Ramps with potatoes or eggs. Ramps (Allium tricoccum) also called wild leeks are native to eastern North America, and picking season is coming soon. 

Stinging Nettle is more than an allergy cure, its now an italian meal, here is a recipe for Stinging Nettle pasta with wild ramp butter. 

Did you know Sunroot is a Native American people's name for Jerusalem Artichoke. Jerusalem has nothing do do with the origin of this root that grows natively in Eastern North America. Try this Sunroot and green tea soup recipe from Green Kitchen Stories.

Want a sweet treat? Hunger and Thrist makes a caramel drink from decaying leaf litter.

What are your wild food recipes?

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